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Angelina (32) and Artem (43)

Dear Elena and Marina!
Thank you both so much! You helped me to meet Artyom! And I found the most wonderful man ...

Anna (29 ) and Daniel (36)

Elena and Marina, thanks a lot for organizing our meeting and creating our couple. Thank you for your help, understanding and patience...

Oksana (36) and Giovanni (47)

Hello Elena and Marina.
I moved to Italy. I live here now, not so far from Rome, in an adorable town in the mountains, in a cottage...

Mrs. E and Mr. M

For five years of our marriage agency existence I have heard the question, “Are you married?” a number of times. I sometimes had an impression that this was the only measure of a marriage agency success, and many people had been waiting for the day when I finally get married and everybody finally believes that finding a husband with a Marriage Agency is POSSIBLE!...

Ignacio (41) and Lena (34 )

I am so happy that I took my friend’s advice and contacted you. To be honest, I was skeptical in the very beginning since I didn’t think that I need any help from matchmakers...

Alex (35) and Anna (29)

Hello, Lena and Marina! I want to share with you our wonderful life event :)))) We are getting married on December 13! Thank you for your help, it was such a pleasure to meet you! If you want something badly and you are looking forward to it, you will get it!! I understood the true happiness for a woman with Alexey! Thank you!

Natalia ( 28 ) and Antonio (35)

Lena, good evening!!
I have just come back home.
What can I tell about our meeting? It was just perfect!!!
He proposed to me – he gave me an engraved ring… He made an engraving on both rings – his and mine.
But Lena, what should I do next? I really like him. But that all became real so suddenly…

Olga (26 ) and Alexander (34)

My dear girls! It’s hard to imagine how grateful I am to you! My life changed drastically thanks to your willing to help and sincere support! And, of course...

Ekaterina (31) and Oleg (36)

My dear, adorable, precious fairies! Today I got marriage proposal by Oleg and we decided to marry!! We are so happy and ...

Marina (41) and Antonio (54)

I sincerely want to thank you for your important and essential work.
I wish success and prosperity to your business and for you to have appreciating clients)))