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Paul (41) and Natalia (34 )

Elena and Marina, thank you so much for your help, hard work and attention. Only thanks to your efforts we was able to find each other with Natasha. It’s funny that we have been going...

Angelina (32) and Artem (43)

Dear Elena and Marina!
Thank you both so much! You helped me to meet Artyom! And I found the most wonderful man ...

Anna (29 ) and Daniel (36)

Elena and Marina, thanks a lot for organizing our meeting and creating our couple. Thank you for your help, understanding and patience...

Oksana (36) and Giovanni (47)

Hello Elena and Marina.
I moved to Italy. I live here now, not so far from Rome, in an adorable town in the mountains, in a cottage...

Mrs. E and Mr. M

For five years of our marriage agency existence I have heard the question, “Are you married?” a number of times. I sometimes had an impression that this was the only measure of a marriage agency success, and many people had been waiting for the day when I finally get married and everybody finally believes that finding a husband with a Marriage Agency is POSSIBLE!...

Ignacio (41) and Lena (34 )

I am so happy that I took my friend’s advice and contacted you. To be honest, I was skeptical in the very beginning since I didn’t think that I need any help from matchmakers...

Alex (35) and Anna (29)

Hello, Lena and Marina! I want to share with you our wonderful life event :)))) We are getting married on December 13! Thank you for your help, it was such a pleasure to meet you! If you want something badly and you are looking forward to it, you will get it!! I understood the true happiness for a woman with Alexey! Thank you!

Natalia ( 28 ) and Antonio (35)

Lena, good evening!!
I have just come back home.
What can I tell about our meeting? It was just perfect!!!
He proposed to me – he gave me an engraved ring… He made an engraving on both rings – his and mine.
But Lena, what should I do next? I really like him. But that all became real so suddenly…

Olga (26 ) and Alexander (34)

My dear girls! It’s hard to imagine how grateful I am to you! My life changed drastically thanks to your willing to help and sincere support! And, of course...

Ekaterina (31) and Oleg (36)

My dear, adorable, precious fairies! Today I got marriage proposal by Oleg and we decided to marry!! We are so happy and ...