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Giovanni (54) and Lana (49)

Right now I am writing to you from the sunny Sicily :) I and Giovani live here in a tiny town near the Syracuse city. Yes, the one, where Archimedes was born ...

Oxana (33) and Igor (36)

I want to thank Happy Life from all my heart! You helped me to find and meet a man who made me happy! Before I found the meaning of my life in career and work, but now ...

Alex (35 ) and Marina (29)

My dear Marina and Lena! Thanks a lot for introducing me to Alex. I have no words to describe how happy am I since the moment I met my beloved soulmate...

Vladimir (40 y.o)

Hello! I want to express my admiration. I have never met people like Marina before. She is such a kind and warm person! Good luck with your useful and kind activity!

Natalia (35) and Stevan (37)

We are really happy and thankful to you for getting us to meet each other! We aren’t ashamed of our meeting in a dating agency...

Stephen (30 ) and Anna (30)

Elena and Marina, good afternoon! We are a happy couple together with Anna! I found whom I was searching for! Thank you, delete my and Anna’s profiles, please.

John (52) and Olga (48)

Big hello from Australia :)) It’s a whole since our last meeting. However, today ...

Margarita (31) and Alexander (33)

Dear Marina and Elena, thank you for introducing me to Alexander. I haven’t enough words to describe how happy am I since I met my precious soulmate. I wish you success and prosperity to your marriage agency. I want to tell you that decency and love exist! You just should never give up in searching for your soulmate, no matter what happened! 

Maria (31 y.o)

My dear Girls, I am grateful to you for helping us to meet each other. He is my soulmate and I was looking for him so long. I am happy now because my beloved man proposed to me...

Catherine ( 29) and Marco (39)

Marco came to our town from ITALY – so, New Year 2013 started with a great event. Despite 5000 km distance and mid-January hard frosts, he flew to his girlfriend Ekaterina. That was their ...