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Peter (38) and Elina (34 )

Our story began several years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet in search of the great love.
Trying to reach my goal, I had found numerous dating sites with different degree of seriousness. Some of them promised that I would find my great love, and others promised nothing - they were just websites with functions to add a small bio and upload a pic of yourself to their database.
The websites of the second kind became bland really fast because there were not serious profiles on them. Nevertheless, I got some romantic dates, but without the chemistry as many of the profiles seemed like a lifestyle of being single and spending their free time on many romantic dates.
After trying to find fortune on these dates, I had become really disheartened since I badly wanted to find a partner, who also would like to create a family now or in the future.
There may be some pitfalls in the world of dating, so it needed a little homework not just to use the first agency I found on Google.
On this subject, I found Happy Life, which sounded trustworthy to me. It was a good experience when I wrote to Happy Life for the first time, telling them about myself, my wishes and dreams for my future. I was taken really good, and met understanding and respect from the first contact.
It is very important here to determine that Happy Life is a matchmaking agency that privately knows about all those profiles they have in their database. Hence, Happy Life doesn't have a lot of profiles without mention about whether they want a serious relationship or not.
Happy Life was helping me right from the first contact and further with all my questions.  They helped me to choose some good profile pictures of myself, to formulate the first letter, and later they helped me with visits, visas and other questions I've had along the way.
Soon it will be a year since the day, when the most wonderful Russian woman, who is giving me everything that I've ever wanted, became my wife. There still has not been a second I've been doubting that she is the only one for me in this world.
Besides the point, my wife was among these three profiles I was invited by Happy Life to contact after my first inquiry! Hence, I can't say it even more clearly - Happy Life knows what they are doing!