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Oxana (33) and Igor (36)

I want to thank Happy Life from all my heart! You helped me to find and meet a man who made me happy! Before I found the meaning of my life in career and work, but now I find it in Igor, my love to him and our family! I’m sure that every woman wants to love and to be loved, but not everyone gets it. Some people live the whole life without meeting their special one, but I found my soulmate thanks to efforts of Elena and Marina! My man lives in another city, but it wasn’t a boundary on our way. As they say, “Love knows no distance or boundary”. As we met, we understood that we had been waiting for each other four the whole life. We feel great together, we are happy!
We celebrated New Year 2013 together with my beloved man and my new friends. Of course, we made a toast to our dear girls from Happy Life, who gave us a chance to meet!