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Olga (26 ) and Alexander (34)

My dear girls! It’s hard to imagine how grateful I am to you! My life changed drastically thanks to your willing to help and sincere support! And, of course, thanks to Sasha! I take back what I said about that I know for sure how to treat a man and that I don’t need others’ advice. I believed strongly that good university degree, my life experience and my favorite psychology books made me know everything. That isn’t true! It is amazing that you didn’t give up and kept telling me the ugly truth. I feel like a different person now. I’m a feminine, light, airy girl and now I’m also loving and loved one! Love is the best feeling in the world! We are happy to meet each other thanks to you! I realize that my search and waiting of “the special one” wasn’t for nothing! My groom is the best! We both thank you so much! We will send you pictures from our wedding for sure :)