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The official wedding of Mrs. E and Mr.A took place in the Summer of 2021.

My dear Elena and Marina!

Thanks to you, my life has changed 180 degrees.

Now I am married to a man whom I have been looking for for a long time, I live in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and I have found new relatives and friends, which I am also pleased about.

And there was a time when I tried so hard to meet someone special by myself for a long time,  I even did not dare to turn to professionals. Eventually, when disappointment covered me, I “fell” and ran away from this “with my head” plunging into work. I believe everything in our life has the right time.
All that happens to us is not just random stuff, it is the path that needs to be taken. If you do not lose hope and faith, work on yourself and develop, strive to live up to your ideal partner, and are ready to meet him, this person or people who lead you to him will appear in your life. And it's you, my dear ladies! 
I wish all lonely hearts to find their soul mate and live a harmonious life!
I wish your agency to prosper!  (the testimony was translated from the original language)