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Mrs. E and Mr. M

For five years of our marriage agency existence I have heard the question, “Are you married?” a number of times. I sometimes had an impression that this was the only measure of a marriage agency success, and many people had been waiting for the day when I finally get married and everybody finally believes that finding a husband with a Marriage Agency is POSSIBLE!
So, my dears, that moment came in spring 2017 – I accepted the proposal from my Beloved Man, and we got married!!! Now I can say with confidence that we met in Happy Life! Words cannot describe how happy I am! He conquered my heart, like a true noble knight he burst into my life and made every effort for us to be together. A beautiful story of our love, as it is known by my loved ones, started 1,5 years ago and was full of completely different events from the very beginning – happy occasions, complicated discussions and joyful conversations, anxious waiting and unforgettable meetings, worries and excitement, long flights and passing moments.
My female wisdom helped me understand my Scandinavian man, accept the challenges from Destiny and not make stupid mistakes. When a man and a woman are just starting their relationship, it is important to realize that they had both lived their entire lives before that fateful meeting, they had obtained their own experience, habits and views. Relationship is not a competition, and it does not make sense to argue, make the rules and insist on one’s opinion or, even worse, to show off. Man and woman complement each other! Each of them is a self-made person with their own features. It is essential to understand that and treat each other with respect from the very beginning.
I like a saying by Vadim  concerning this issue: “Let yourself be what you are and others be different”. It is pointless to try to change a grown up person. This is one of the most common mistakes, often made by women. Every person is unique and special. I keep telling my clients that we cannot make everyone like us, the same as we are do not like everyone. Why would we need that?
Looking back, I can definitely say that I would not change anything that happened, I was ready to wait for my man even longer just to be with him. But everything happens in its right time and place. Everyone has their own fate, and it is useless to compare yourself with others! We get what we deserve. My beloved ones know how hard I worked on myself and how my views changed. Good education, constant learning, personal consultations with unique people and an excellent experience of working with all kinds of people really add up to my work with Clients of our marriage agency.
I love my job and always share practical advice and recommendations with those who are really eager to listen, in order to finally get their personal happiness. But that concerns working with others… with myself, it is different and more complicated. This is why even professional psychologists get help from other professional psychologists. It is difficult to give yourself a piece of advice, even more difficult to understand if you are doing the right thing. In lots of situations I have to trust my intuition, inner voice, and, of course, my heart.
I am endlessly grateful to all the professionals and their priceless consultations. First of all I should thank my parents, who let me into this amazing world and raised me the same way as I want to raise my kids. A cosmic bond, an undoubted intuition, priceless advice and never-ending trust and love! Special thanks for support and understanding to Marina Slinkina Leung and Olga Kazhanets!
Being married feels good :) For those who hesitate – just believe in true love and sincere feelings, learn to share your love and tenderness without expecting anything in return, respect yourself and your man, treasure your love, be grateful for everything you receive from Life, be kind to others and don’t hold it against them, forgive those who have been inappropriate, smile more, tell compliments not just on special occasions, stay positive and believe in the best! Believe in yourselves! Trust people!
Kind regards,