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Giovanni (54) and Lana (49)

Right now I am writing to you from the sunny Sicily :) I and Giovani live here in a tiny town near the Syracuse city. Yes, the one, where Archimedes was born and where he lived.
I adore Giovanni, I like his personal qualities such as decency, carefulness. He is a great man!!! I just can say, that I was able to fall in love with him and  this is mutual :) And I get used to my new life... What the most important now for me is my beloved man!!! He is careful and attentive! I do like the part of my life with him! It's miraculous to wake up and fall asleep in my love's arms...We have got married officially!
Girls, most crucially, I want to thank you all, men and women. I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to make my life full and colorful. All in all, I have not been married for 20 years...
And also for the opportunity to love and to be loved, to find my own woman's happiness!
I and Giovani should do and learn a lot together, but most importantly we found each other. We are a girl from the snow-covered Siberia and a hot temperamental southern Italian! No one will believe if I tell them about it... Even I still can't believe in it.