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Dario (47 y.o, Spain) and Maria (41 y.o, Belarus)

*  the review had translated from Spanish

Dear Elena and Marina, I want to thank you very much for your excellent work! Mary is the woman I could only dream of. She is more than a dream. If not you, I do not know where I could meet her. She is a real Russian princess and I am happy that she will become my wife soon. We have filed already an application for registration of our marriage, there are some formalities left. I always knew that Russian women are very smart, beautiful and educated, but when I saw Mary for the first time, I was impressed, I did not know what to say. She is the most beautiful woman in this world. Thanks again for your advice and recommendation. You were right! She created for me! I recommended your agency to my colleague. He didn’t believe me for a long time until Maria and I had invited him to have lunch)) He’s a good guy, I know him for a long time. I am sure that you will find a good match for him.

Best regards, Dario