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Catherine ( 29) and Marco (39)

Marco came to our town from ITALY – so, New Year 2013 started with a great event. Despite 5000 km distance and mid-January hard frosts, he flew to his girlfriend Ekaterina. That was their first meeting after long time they spent chatting via Skype and e-mail.
You should have seen the scene of their meeting in the airport! That was a REALLY TOUCHING moment! Two people from different parts of our world finally met each other and understood that they are soulmates. You can understand it even without words… For Marco it was the first time in Russia, and he was just amazed with Omsk, covering with white snow, and Russian ritual of bathing in cold river during Epiphany. He and his beloved Russian bride walked side by side along quiet streets, sparkling with street lights. Later they confessed that these 4 days were the happiest days in their lives. They can’t imagine they lives without each other. We are so happy to help Katya and Marco with their meeting. We wish that their dreams come true and their feelings grow stronger! We know that every man can find their happiness sooner or later, and that everyone just need an intention and courage to change their life to the best. We thank Marco and Ekaterina for lettings us publish their story on our website.
Below you will see Ekaterina’s review.
“What do I think about? What is going on with me? Certainly, I am happy! But let’s talk about it later. First of all, I am infinitely grateful to lo amazing ladies Elena and Marina! Our meeting may have never taken place without them!
And also I want tot thank them for organization of our meeting and providing a rich cultural program and strong emotional support. And now let’s get back to my story.
I think that happiness for a woman is like a slight shade fragrant smell, that harmoniously complete her image. Happiness of a woman is an unique mix of her inner spiritual beauty and youth, the shine of her eyes with a million bright sparks, so everyone around feels these magical vibes. We call it Happiness…
I am so thankful to my man, he gave me happiness when he made his journey of 5000 km from Italy to snowy and frosty Siberia…  He has never even been to Russia. I am so thankful to him for these wonderful 4 days in our life. For playing bowling, going to cinema, for inspiring conversations during our walk across museums, watching ballet together, for romantic dates in winter streets at night.
Some of you may have a question about the language barrier. To say it simply, we build this barrier ourselves… When two people seek to understand each other and they feel spiritual bond, there are no boundaries…
I’m not the only one, who feels attractive and desired beside this amazing man, but also a little child surrounded with love and care…
You may say that it’s impossible – a stranger, a foreign country with its mentality and traditions… But we are all humans first of all. The nationality means nothing when you are educated, well-brought, smart and dream of love and being loved.
It’s as simple as it can be, Relationships are heartfelt, they shouldn’t be based on calculations. Feel a person with your soul and accept them as they are…
I don’t want to go deeper, I want to say that everything is just great! And our meeting was a new stage in development of our relationship”.