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Anna (34, Russia, Tyumen) and Alessandro (39 y.o. Italy)


My name is Anna. I want to share my impressions about my experience with Happy Life matchmaking service.

Actually, a friend of mine forced me to leave my application form in the agency. And trust me, it was not an easy decision for me to search for a loved one through a professional matchmaking service, and even, possibly, meet a foreigner.

 Initially, I did not believe that it can be a successful way, but when the first acquaintances happened, some intrigue appeared.

Several dates were unsuccessful for me, at some point I even “dropped my hands” and I asked to remove my profile from the database ... But, wise Elena Grande convinced me that I should be patient because everything good will happen soon. And she was absolutely right.

I met "my" man, my soulmate. I thought that this meeting only possible in the movies ... Before our first meeting (in Russia), we did not even communicate on Skype. But, when we met in person, we spent an unforgettable 3 days together, we realized that we found each other.

 Of course, before I decided to move to his country we had other meetings. I had my good career in Russia, my favorite job in a bank, but this is nothing compared to how happy I feel now. To love and be loved, to care and to feel care every minute - these are real feelings!

Elena Grande, thank you so much for your support and for your work. You make people happy!