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Anastasia (36) and Eladio (44)

I came to the marriage agency Happy Life in May 2015 to meet my man and get married. I saw their internet advertising and I liked its style, modernity of its video, competence and look of its owners and also positive reviews about the agency. They immediately suggested me few candidates, and one of them attracted me with his kind eyes and smile.
Honestly, I would prefer living in Russia, but that happened, and some foreigners fell in love with me. I came to Spain in July to see a man who paid all my travel expenses. I was deeply impressed by seriousness and honesty of his intentions towards marriage, I have never seen it in my homeland. I have already left to Spain in September – and we are applying documents to register our marriage now. I had everything in the town I was originally from – good work, total financial wealth, two university degrees, but I couldn’t find the right person.
There are a lot of single men here in Europe, who is well-educated, independent and wealthy, but a little bit unlucky, because there are no women to love them deeply and treat them with care. They lack women here like we lack men in Russia. Many women are arrogant and they are protected by law, that would cost a fortune for men to leave them, so they don’t do it. I was 46 and there were no perspectives of having a family – that’s why I was desperate with loneliness in Omsk. And men dream of a family here too.
Marriage agency is a chance to create a family. In case of such a professional agency as Happy Life, the chances increase. In my experience, dating websites are just a waste of money and time, I wasted a few years for searching for a husband on the Internet.
Dating agencies are pretty popular in the West, serious men looks for a wife only with the help of dating agencies, which is still strange and uncommon in Russian mentality. A little bit I regret that I didn’t come to the agency earlier, and now recommend it to my unmarried friends. Actually, I was scared a bit to make such a big move and go abroad to a man. But the girls always found time to dispel my doubt and answer all my questions, they never left me alone. I wish all single people, who is searching for marital bliss, to affirm their willing to change their life, to find and professional, to sacrifice something and finally become happy and make your beloved one happy. Happy Life agency connects lonely souls – and that’s great.
Thank you!