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The live broadcast of RTVI New York, 2019

 What to look for when choosing a life partner? 

TV show "Bachelor in Omsk"(Chinese bachelor looking for his Russian wife in Siberia by Happy Life matchmaking service , 12 channel TV, 2016 July)

Elena Grande at the training of Mikhail Khomich "How to conquer Everest: in business and life" (Moscow, March 2016)

The Spaniard made a marriage proposal to Omsk's lady three days after the meeting (NGS news portal February 2016.)

Married to a French. Interview with french matchmaker from France, Jean-Michel Soria, Marina Slinkina and Elena Grande (January 2016)

Practical course of Oleg Proskurin at Horary Astrology. Marina Slinkina Leung and Elena Grande (Moscow, October 2015-April 2016)