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Features of a real man. What should a real man be like?

The story about women being from Venus and men from Mars is as old as time. Everyone knows and admits the fact that men and women function differently. This is why every woman dream about meeting “the real man” while every man is hunting a ghost dream of meeting “the real woman”.

Our article will reveal the features of a real man that every woman is looking for and what, in her opinion, a real man should be like to earn her love and trust.

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Russian women in reality? Who they are?

Russian women (Eastern European girls) – who are they in reality? Why do so many men around the world dream about getting married to them? Men are looking for their Russian bride!!! What are the uniqueness and the mystery of a Russian soul that attract so many interests?

Today, we’ll answer some of these questions and explain some stereotypes about Russian ladies. Which one is a myth and which one is the truth?

So let’s get started…. The first and most popular significant feature about Slavic Eastern Europe...

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Differences American and Russian cultures

The globalization process has involved every country in the world, and it is hard to find a place where people would lead to such a different lifestyle as it was a couple of decades ago.

Nowadays, as we travel abroad, we are not surprised by subway maps, self-service supermarkets, ticket machines and so on. Life is subject to the same processes all around the world.

All people, no matter if they live in Russia or the USA, actually share the same values and principles: like everyone else, they search for love, want ...

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