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The female beauty from the men’s point of view

You can look at a beautiful woman as long as at fire or water. Female beauty – is the eternal subject of admiration and inspiration. Why do we men say that women are beautiful? What are the female beauty standards?
Why does the female beauty affect men so strong? The scientists from the University of Michigan described this fact from the scientific point of view! What is female beauty for men? Why do female beauty standards are so important? 

Long and slim legs, smooth and graceful body lines, eye-catching bust under the clothes, big eyes with long eyelashes, think...
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How to make it to the diamond wedding? 60 years together. Diamond anniversary.

60 years living together… a brilliant wedding… 21 thousand and 900 days together… hand in hand… You have to admit that it’s really impressive and amazing!
The best part is that it is not what “someone told me”, there are couples like that in the world. It’s the reality, and my dear beloved grandma and grandpa can confirm it! I’m pleased to share the impressions and advice they told me about after all this long way together.
There were a lot of different good and bad moments, different happy and tough situations in the life of my grandmother Antonin...
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Losers in love… who are they? Successful people or losers… who are they? The psychology of losers

That’s how we named our article, answering the question about who are the clients of professional matchmakers? Losers or successful people? What kind of people goes to different dating online, night clubs and matchmaking services and don’t look for a decent life partner in social media or on the Internet? Happy Life Matchmaking service shares with you an opinion of one of the experienced professional matchmakers about this point.
Some people sincerely believe that only people with low self-esteem go to professional matchmakers, so they call the clients of ...
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What does man really want to see in a woman?

What does man really want to see in a woman?
Attractiveness, education, well-groomed, good manners, good sense of taste and style, energy, sexuality, and other feminine qualities are certainly significant for men who are in search of their soul mate. But I can also note the important properties that make a woman more attractive to men, so which qualities does man really want to find in a woman:

The woman is cheerful and conflict-free. She is positive in her ...
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What do women want? What kind of men do women choose?

The answer to the question "what do women want?  What kind of men do women choose?" interests for many men who are in search of their soulmate. There is no universal answer to it because each person is unique and the requirements for a potential partner are also individual. Appearance, education, position in society, etc. are important to each woman to a greater or lesser extent. From my professional experience, as a professional matchmaker of Happy Life matchmaking service, I can answer the question "what do women want and what kind of m...
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