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Be kind

If your date is running late, if she/he is a bit nervous, if she/he is not 100% what you expected, PLEASE do not be harsh with your judgments.
Think for a moment: how do you want people to see you? Do you want to come off as 'harsh and judgmental'? or 'kind and forgiving'? Human kindness is something we know about but don't always exercise. 
Showing kindness to a stranger or someone you know is not easy if you are not used to it. You have to make a constant effort in treating all people, especially your dates, with kindness no matter the situation. This will insure that they will reciprocate in a similar manner. 


Being kind means: saying something encouraging if the person is nervous, saying 'no problem' if the person is apologizing, helping if the person needs help, refraining from any judgment of their appearance, accent, education, etc. 
What does KINDNESS mean to you?

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