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The cultural features of Slavic women. Ukrainian and Russian women.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian and Russian are considered closely related, their ethnopsychology is significantly different. 
Ukrainian women differ from Russian women in their beautiful styles and their psychological traits.
Differences in appearance are due to the origin, as well as genetic mixing with people living in the neighborhood. 
The beauty of a Russian woman tends to be more towards the northern i.e. Finn-Baltic type. For example, they have blond hair (light blond, fair-haired, blond) and blue, gray, or green eyes in relation to the southern beauties. 
Ukrainian ladies, on the contrary, are more like southerners. Their facial features are larger and more expressive than those of Russian ladies. In the eyes shades, skin color, and hair color, sharp contrasts predominate chestnut or burning-black hair (there are almost no natural blondes), thick black eyebrows with, black, brown, or deep green eyes, and light skin tone. 
If the beauty of a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal cold winter or an early spring, then the beauty of the Ukrainian woman is undoubtedly the height of August, the hot summer. Each type has its own merits. 
National character
 Just like the differences in appearance, the characters of Russian and Ukrainian women also differ. Russian woman tends to be more reserved, flexible, and patient. A Russian woman is ready to forgive a lot for her man. In some cases, she is ready to "stop the galloping horse and enter the burning house". 
In the nature of a Russian woman, the traces of the patriarchal system are more preserved for centuries, so the habit of playing a second fiddle for many Russian ladies is quite natural. 
On the other hand, Ukrainian women have a more disobedient, obstinate, and free spirit character. This is due to the strong influence of the Mother Goddess cult.  The cult was in the region that is now occupied by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. 
A Ukrainian woman is less inclined to forgive her man for his imperfection and she is always ready to engage in heated debate to defend her rights. 
The interfamily relations of a typical Ukrainian family are beautifully described in "The Family of Kaidashev " written by Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky in the 19th century. 
The writer perfectly understood the relationship between relatives and the role of women there. Ukrainian ladies very rarely allow themselves to be victimized.  Rather, they scandalize and defend themselves aggressively.
These differences in national character are also confirmed by divorce statistics.
Even with a constantly increasing number of divorces in both countries, the number of divorces in Ukraine is 8% higher than that of Russia. 
This higher level of divorces in Ukraine is attributed to the following: financial problems and alcoholism of husband are more willing to be put up by the Russians than their Ukrainian counterparts. Sexual incompatibility and adultery of spouses are the other reasons.  Ukrainian women have e more "hot" temperament and have more free "matriarchal" values. 
A Russian woman, who is much more ready for sacrifice, the preservation of the family is her first paramount. Her personal happiness is often secondary. 
Of course, every woman is unique and has her individuality regardless of her nationality. 



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