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Why some men aren't ready to marry a woman if she has a child from a previous marriage? Is it realistic for a woman to remarry after being divorced?

Sometimes the clients of matchmaking agencies can be women, who want to remarry, having a child, so they have hope for remarriage with already existing children. Young women, who failed in the previous relationships, often ask themselves: “Is it realistic for a woman to remarry, having a child?”

Working in the matchmaking field, professional experts on interpersonal and international communications Marina Leung and Elena Grande can certainly say: “Yes, remarriage and kids can exist together! It’s realistic to remarry if you have a child or even several children”. Though despite our optimistic point of view, there are still some differences a woman can’t ignore in the process of searching your a life partner if she has children from the first marriage. We will tell you about it in this article.

We well show you the reasons why a man doesn’t want to marry a woman with a child, what fears are haunting a man when he dates a woman with a child, and so on. And also we will make recommendations on how to accelerate the desired happy remarriage, even if you have a child from the previous relationships.

The reasons for a child's parents’ breakup and divorce may be different, but these causes are usually great. But the topic of this article is different: is it realistic for a woman to remarry, having a child, and being divorced. Does she have a chance for a happy remarriage, having a child?

So that’s why men beware of and avoid building a relationship with a woman if she has a child:

- The first and the main reason for their fear of a woman with a child is certainly selfish. A man understands that for every good mother he child is always put first in the list of her life priorities. A man isn’t ready to compete with a baby for the attention of his beloved one. Since a woman always prefers to spend more free time with her child and not with him from a man’s point of view.

- The second the most common reason why a man doesn’t want to build a strong relationship with a woman who has already had pre-school-aged and primary school-aged children is that he has limits of activities and abilities to spend time with his beloved woman as he wants. A child can significantly limit the freedom of movement and making choices. For example, a couple can’t take a vacation all of sudden, because a child has a school or additional classes at this time. So they have to wait until the holidays and plan their vacation, taking their child’s schedule into account. The schedule of study and the rest of the child also affects a woman’s schedule. A caring mother wouldn’t prefer night walks under the Moon with her beloved man for the usual evening ritual of getting the child to sleep and reading a book for him. These important factors can be a barrier for a man, who isn’t ready to become a father and have a stable way of life, in which there is no place for romantic impulses. An active man, who tends to impulsive acts are not ready to give his everyday pleasures.

- The third reason is the fear for a child not to accept a man as a part of a facility and not to consider him as their father. Men often say about their fear to be rejected by a child. A man, taking the role of a father, gives a huge amount of energy and time and financial resources to a woman’s child. He gets attached to a child and as a result, he expects to get love, respect, and loyalty in return by a new child. But the process of child education is always full of moods and disobedience. Children, who are used to parents, being tolerant of their antics, can’t understand that a new man in their family has a different point of view. And any sharp phrase by a child is like: “You are not my father, you have no right to teach me” or “Why should I obey you? ” In the end, the main fear is that after a child gets older, he or she won’t convince a man as their father.

- The fourth important reason why a man doesn’t marry a woman with a child is a high likelihood of problems and challenges in the relationships with a man, that is created by a third party (a child). Almost 90% of cases like that a child is skeptical towards a new person in their family, who moreover “takes” their beloved and the only mother attention’s from them. Jealousy and a fear of loss of love and care by their mother makes a child show a negative attitude towards a man, which lead to creating a conflict in their family, which is not so good for the family life. If a woman isn’t wise and a man isn’t patient enough, that can lead to the breakup with high probability. A man can get sure that it isn’t realistic to build a relationship with a woman, who has a child. And a woman gives up on men and put an end to her love-life, sublimating all her woman energy to the over caring, devoting the whole her life to her child.

- The fifth reason is very important. An man is aware of the fact that a child has their biological father, who can affect a child and who is a bigger authority for him than a new man in their family. That’s is not about the cases when a man joins the family with a baby child, who doesn’t remember the biological father and convinces the step-father as the real and the only one daddy. Any man imagines the situations when the ex-lover of his beloved woman appears in their life regularly because the ex-spouses have equal rights to raise a child. The jealousy and unwillingness to share a woman’s attention with another man can become a barrier for a man to build a relationship with a woman who is linked with her ex-lover by a child.

- The sixth reason is not so common, but it is real. This reason is the lack of “connections” between a man and a woman’s child. There are cases when a child didn’t impress a man, so a man doesn’t like them and doesn’t have a good feeling toward them.

Despite pretty logical and explainable reasons why remarriage with children is not such an easy task for a woman, people still fall in love, get married, and create happy families all over the world.

So a child, or two and even three children is not a sentence for a woman and not a barrier for her happiness. Happiness is possible and it’s real! We as specialists of the Happy life matchmaking service  meet the situations like this one every day and we know about it firsthand.

The main thing for getting the desired result as a harmonious marriage with the beloved man is being wise and to perceive the reality properly.

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