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What does man really want to see in a woman?

What does man really want to see in a woman?

Attractiveness, education, well-groomed, good manners, good sense of taste and style, energy, sexuality, and other feminine qualities are certainly significant for men who are in search of their soul mate. But I can also note the important properties that make a woman more attractive to men, so which qualities does man really want to find in a woman:

The woman is cheerful and conflict-free. She is positive in her views on life and wakes up every day with a good mood. Her life was interesting even before HIM, and with him became it more harmonious!

The woman is self-confident and does not blame others. She is responsible for her actions or inaction. She knows how to support and inspire her man.

The woman, who is independent. Whatever happens, she knows how to earn for living and she will not be lost without a man. She also has her own opinion, and she is not just the silent following of HIS thoughts and decisions. She is not categorical, but wise. She listens and hears the opinion of the partner.

The woman is curious. She has her own hobbies and interests. If she takes up something, she does it with pleasure. She knows what to do in his absence. She is engaged in self-development, and it's not stopping there. It’s interesting to talk with her about different topics, but she does not want to “try to be clever” (this is not even accepted by etiquette). It’s not boring even to be silent with her.

The most important when the woman is faithful and reliable. She will not betray and will not change her mind. She does not want to make her man jealous. She will not "run away" after the first difficulty or misunderstanding. She believes in her man because she consciously made her choice based on strong feelings, and not on fleeting desires.

Here some most significant requirements of the man towards a woman, whom he will make a marriage proposal.

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