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What do women want? What kind of men do women choose?

The answer to the question "what do women want?  What kind of men do women choose?" interests for many men who are in search of their soulmate. There is no universal answer to it because each person is unique and the requirements for a potential partner are also individual. Appearance, education, position in society, etc. are important to each woman to a greater or lesser extent. From my professional experience, as a professional matchmaker of Happy Life matchmaking service, I can answer the question "what do women want and what kind of men do women choose?"  the following:
that most women want a man to be:

- resolute, capable of action. Such a man always does what he promises. Women choose a confident man.
- smart, educated, interested, knowledgeable. Intelligent men always attract more attention of the opposite gender. Women prefer a clever man. 
- purposeful and hardworking. A real man will always achieve what a woman wants. Of course, within reasonable limits! I am not talking about inadequate requests.
- trustworthy. This kind of man will not betray and will not change his mind. Reliable man is able to take responsibility not only for himself but also for his family. Next, to him, a woman feels confident, calm and safe.
- women choose a man with a good sense of humor. Everyone knows that if a woman laughs, then she is already half conquered.

Dear men, if you possess these qualities, then know that smart, beautiful, decent women dream about you and we are ready to introduce you to each other! 

Elena Grande, a professional matchmaker
Happy Life matchmaking service

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