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A smart woman vs a wise woman? What is the difference?

A smart woman or a wise woman? What is the difference? What type of woman is happier?

To be right or to be happy – that’s what a woman chooses herself! Read what a really wise woman does in contentious situations with a man and find out why a good husband would never leave a woman like that.

- A smart woman, finding out that her husband made a mistake, rubs his nose in it. And reminds him that she warned him about it.
- A wise woman supports and cheers him, sometimes pretends that she didn’t notice anything.
- A smart woman takes charge of the crisis situation and teaches her husband how to act correctly.
- A wise woman subtly shows him the direction and supports him in his intention to reach the shown goal.
- A smart woman teaches her children math, no matter what.
- A wise woman can notice a personality in all of them.
- A smart woman tries to be the best and not to make mistakes in her work. And most of her co-workers treat her with caution.
- A wise woman creates the aura of love and warmth in her work team.
- A smart woman interrupts her adult children’s life, gives them unasked advice and recommendations, tell them how to grow children properly.
- A wise woman let her children get their own life experience and support them in any situation.
- A smart woman counters the impact of her mother-in-law, defends her independence of the parents, fight with them because of their advice.
- A wise woman learns to smile, listen to them in silence, to agree and to do everything as she wants with love.
- A smart woman wants to change the whole world, to change the people around her.
- A wise woman changes herself. And she accepts other people in what they are.

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