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Relationship between man and woman. Etiquette

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we as professional matchmakers decided to affect an important and crucial topic. It’s called to remind you about etiquette in man and woman’s relationship, or it can be even an important lesson for you. Unfortunately, informal communication between men and women places such a crucial thing as etiquette in the background. It isn’t a secret that women prefer “wooing” by the real gentlemen – strong, well-mannered and self-confident men. We can call them “comme il faut”-men.
And we can translate it as “a man as he should be”. And that’s the matter of man’s behavior – to act as he should act in any given situation. And if a man is doubting whether his action can be called as a gentleman’s one, he shouldn’t do it. It can sound strange, but this way is the basic code of behavior in the relationship between man and woman.
We think that it’s important to remind you about the basic of the etiquette. Of course, men should think about it if they really want to impress a woman and don’t reduce their interest with a foolish action.
  1. According to etiquette, a man should go to the left of a woman on the street. Only a military man can go to the right because he should salute.
  2. A man, who’s going with a woman, shouldn’t smoke. If both are smokers, they should stop and find a proper place for it. But it’s inappropriate to smoke on the move.
  3. Before entering a building, a man should open a door for a woman. And he also should enter after her.
  4. If a man and a woman go anyway by taxi, a man should open right backdoor. A woman gets in a car the first, and a man sits down near her.
  5. A man should get off a car the first and helps a woman to do it. If a man is a driver, so he should help a woman to sit in the front and then get in a car himself.
  6. A man should go on to one-two steps ahead of a woman downstairs and about two steps behind her upstairs to be ready to support her, if she slips or stumbles.
  7. A man should help a woman to undress in the wardrobe, and he also should take her coat when they’re leaving this place.
  8. The true gentleman is always ready to help a lady of any age to carry heavy bags and give up their place in public transport. Unfortunately, this important rule is often forgotten.
  9. A gentleman will never tell a lot about his past relationship with a girl or a woman to others (we call it gossips, it humiliates a story-teller as well as a listener)
  10.  A well-mannered man can let him enter the room before a woman only in the case if he should turn on the light for her to be able to enter the room.
  11. A gentleman will never sit in front of a standing lady or even sit down without an invitation.
  12. A man shouldn’t start a conversation with a lady before she recognizes him. But there are some exceptions. When a man wants to attract the attention of a familiar girl, he can go after her and carefully touch her hand or call her on her name (but don’t use her surname)
  13. A well-mannered man will never talk to a woman about her ages. There is only one exception when a man in the performance of his duties. There is a great rule: a woman as old as she looks.
  14. Never touch a woman without her permission, don’t take her hand, touch her during the conversation, push her and take her by the upper part of her arm. Except for the cases when you help her to get in transport and get off it or cross the street.
  15. Even if you think that your mutual feelings let you hug and kiss each other, never do it on the street in front of unfamiliar people.
  16. At the table a man shouldn’t talk about unpleasant things, using ambiguous, insulting for others, especially ladies, topics.
  17. Well-mannered people can’t be late, especially men, dashing to the date. If a man meets a woman in a certain place, he can be late on 5-10 minutes… but it’s undesirable. According to etiquette, a man should come to the dating place for a few minutes (not seconds) earlier. His tardiness can put a lady in an awkward position. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, he should try to tell her about it.
  18. A man in love never forgets to agree on the next meeting and he never tells goodbye the first. If your friend does opposite things, don’t think too good about him.
A woman usually waits for her beloved one as long as strong her feelings toward him. She can be late for a few minutes. But she shouldn’t arrange a test for her beloved man to check his mental ballast and moderation when the weather is awful.
A woman, who really loves a man, tries to march in step with him, visits a hairdresser every 3 days and carefully choose her outfit before a date. And after getting an invitation doesn’t reject it because of bad weather. Otherwise, man’s chances to get mutual feelings aren’t great.
Dear friends, we hope that we reminded you of the basic sign of a respectful relationship. You can’t just love and be loved, you should also try to look great for your beloved one.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely yours, Elena Grande and Marina Slinkina Leung

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