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Losers in love… who are they? Successful people or losers… who are they? The psychology of losers

That’s how we named our article, answering the question about who are the clients of professional matchmakers? Losers or successful people? What kind of people goes to different dating online, night clubs and matchmaking services and don’t look for a decent life partner in social media or on the Internet? Happy Life Matchmaking service shares with you an opinion of one of the experienced professional matchmakers about this point.
Some people sincerely believe that only people with low self-esteem go to professional matchmakers, so they call the clients of matchmaking services losers. So our colleague and partner, the director of the matchmaking service “Azhur” (Ekaterinburg city, Russia), Shirokov Vladimir answers to the people, who have this point of view.
“As I think, losers are the people, who are looking for serious relationships without mind inclusion, knowledge of how to create and keep a strong relationship, where and how to find the beloved one.
Where losers usually find a life-partner? On the street, on the free dating websites, social media, in cafes, in disco and in other public places where women more and more often pick up men. In the process of casual acquaintances, the losers mistake the game of hormones for love, rapidly start the sexual relationship, and after they get the sense of disgust (and it appears anyway), they find the next random lover.
During the Honeymoon phase (enjoying sexual pleasures) the losers have time to suddenly get married to disperse rapidly.
Only losers instead of making efforts to create a happy family, hideaway in their jobs, becoming sick people (we are talking about business-women and workaholics, who have no time to meet others). Most of the male losers, having a one-night stand with a lot of random women, are getting sure that “there are no real ladies anymore” and becoming confirmed bachelors (clear losers!)
Some female losers lose their patience, stop working on their attitude and decided “just give birth for herself”, if there is “no real men” around her”.
It's rare for a successful (strong, stable, serious) relationships to happen with those, who believe in this “my heart made boom” stuff, which means the game of hormones. Smart people know that only crush can appear all sudden and real love is getting prepared during conversations and the process of getting used to each other.
Thanks to reliable professional matchmakers with a good reputation in Moscow. New-York, London or any other city in the world, it’s possible to meet a person who can become a good spouse for you. Choosing new acquaintances you can take into account not only recommendations of the specialists and the physical attractiveness but also other things that look important for you to build a stable relationship (habits, personality, hobbies, social level, intelligence, health status, education level and so on)
According to the result of 2019 for the 10-years period of the matchmaking service work, the percent of official divorces is less than 5% compared with official statistics about the level of divorces in the USA and Russia which is more than 50% 
I hope it’s easier for you to understand now if the clients of the serious matchmaking services  are losers or successful people…?”
Best regard,
Vladimir Shirokov, the director of the matchmaking service “Azhur”

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