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How to make it to the diamond wedding? 60 years together. Diamond anniversary.

60 years living together… a brilliant wedding… 21 thousand and 900 days together… hand in hand… You have to admit that it’s really impressive and amazing!
The best part is that it is not what “someone told me”, there are couples like that in the world. It’s the reality, and my dear beloved grandma and grandpa can confirm it! I’m pleased to share the impressions and advice they told me about after all this long way together.
There were a lot of different good and bad moments, different happy and tough situations in the life of my grandmother Antonina and my grandfather Ivan. But despite all these ups and downs they are still committed to each other and treat each other carefully.
My grandmother is 89 and grandfather is 85. They both were born on June 7, on the same day – the eve of “Ivan Kupala” (Russian tradition). And it happened that Antonina and Ivan registered their marriage on June 7, 1955. My grandfather run after my grandmother and he was trying to get her attention for a long time. The time was different, and the values were different too. But a true woman can notice acts of a true man at any time, no matter if it was 60 years ago or just 2 days ago. So that’s what happened. My grandmother was the perfect bride in the village where they lived and lives now. A young man Ivan managed to win the heart of Antonina, who, moreover, was 4 years older than him. Two beautiful daughters were born in their happy marriage, full of love.
Throughout their live Antonina and Ivan have always been thoroughly decent and kind people, who were ready to help anyone in the need no matter what.
My grandmother has always been ready to give someone the shirt off her back to save a person. Their sincerity and generosity amaze everyone who knows them. Despite a hard time, the whole village celebrates the birth of their first granddaughter.
My grandparents pushed the boat out that day, and their friends still remember it. My grandfather stopped smoking and drinking forever that day, and it was well for his health. Being 85 and 89 my grandparents have their own household, a garden, and a kitchen garden. They have always been hard workers and they work upon their honor and conscience. Moreover, Antonina and Ivan are pretty spiritual people, they have always believed in God’s blessing. Thanks to them the village got its own church. They sought to its building for a long time from the local administration, and they had to stay in dozens of queues to do it. Now only the closest people and my grandparents’ friends know about this their achievement.

Thanks to their hospitality and welcoming kindness our family gathers together in their light cozy house every holiday. We are pleased to see how my grandfather kindly plays tricks on my grandmother and she believes that he said it seriously and sincerely being surprised that it was a joke.
For a long time together they become one now, intuitively feeling emotions and moods of each other.
Last weekend we celebrated their brilliant wedding anniversary, the 60 years of their life together. In their interview with an operator, my grandparents said that the most important in the family is respect, sincerity, honesty and mutual support in every life situation or challenge. For me, my grandmother Antonina and my grandfather Ivan are the living example of a successful family everyone should be looking up. And I am proud of them. 
Love each other, cherish your relationships every day and every moment. Be happy!
Sincerely yours,
Elena Grande
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