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How can you understand if your girlfriend loves or uses you?

We have heard a lot of times from familiar and unfamiliar successful men, who consulted with us, this phrase: “I think, she uses me, she needn’t me, and she need only my money/sex. Men ask themselves about it, so we, Elena Grande and Marina Leung, experts of Happy Life international matchmaking service will try to help you to understand do your girlfriend loves or uses you.
  1. She doesn’t ask you about how was your day/important meeting/family dinner and etc. She is interested only in her own business/ her work/the color of her shoes and where can she have her nails done and meet her friends.
For example, during the whole dinner she’s always staring at her mobile phone. During your story about your day, she is in the clouds and you can clearly see that she’s thinking about her shopping tomorrow. And, of course, her simple answer to your question: “I’m sorry, honey, I have a headache, so I didn’t hear what you said. Can you repeat it?” So, she hadn’t even listened to what did you talk about for the last half-hour.
So, it’s easy to understand that she isn’t interested to be with you. You’re just a temporal character in her life, and she uses you.
  1. She calls you only when she needs something. In the rest of the time, she’s, busy for you. “Honey, pick me up from the nightclub at 5 am”, “Sweetheart, there’s something noisy in my car, can you check it in the car-care center?”, “I found a beautiful bag, but I don’t have money right now”, “Come to me, I had a fight with girls, so I didn’t go with them”, “Can you drive me to work and pick up from there? My car is in the car-care center”, “I have a problem, can you help me?” and etc…. Is it familiar for you?
  2. Sometimes she is head over heels in love with you and sometimes she is remote, gelid and she is just like a stranger for you. Her feelings to you depend on how much money you spent on her or how often you hug her and spend time with her.
For example, you gave her a present, gave money for shopping, invited to have dinner in a restaurant and ordered a bunch of flowers. And she is happy, she kisses and hugs you, she’s sentimental and careful. You’re inspired by love, so you tell all your friends that she is the most adorable woman you have ever dreamed about. But time goes by, she stops taking your phone calls, tells you that she’s busy and you can’t meet until the next week. When you finally meet her, she doesn’t want to kiss you, doesn’t tell you about the reasons for her bad mood and can even get into a tantrum for nothing. What happened? It’s easy to understand – she loves you only when you give her money. She needs you only for that, so she uses you.
  1. She always tells you, that “Kate’s Aleksandr is such a great guy and Emma’s Antony is so talented, and, finally, that Liza’s Paul is just a man of a dream”. And you said this or bought that wrong, made a bad joke and looked at her in the wrong way. Well, you are a good one too… but only sometimes. We are sure, that you can understand it even without an example.
  2. She flirts with other men, laughs at their jokes and brags about compliments by them. A girl, who “loves, but not uses” is satisfied with your relationship and totally doesn’t want to give you a reason to be jealous.
  3. She thinks that you’re an initiator of every conflict, not her. The time is passing, you miss her and apologize. There is peace in your relationship, but not for a long time. The situation repeats soon. But she doesn’t want to get a compromise. You owe her everything, and she doesn’t owe anyone anything. So, you’re trying to build your relationship and she lets you do it, but only in her own way. Your wishes aren’t taken into account. And this is a clear sign that she uses you.
  4. She doesn’t even try to impress your parents and friend, she doesn’t care what they can think about her. “Love me the way I am. I’m in a bad mood today, so I shouldn’t smile for you”. And you have to explain your mutual, that she “isn’t like that, she’s a good one, she loves me, but it was a hard day for her”. Yeah, well! So it should be a hard day for everyone. It’s clear, that she just uses you and isn’t planning to live with you.
  5. She mocks you and makes fun of you, including in front of someone else. It’s unpleasant and even offensive for you. But you abide by it and think that you can’t find anyone better than her. Dear men, think again! This girl doesn’t like you, otherwise, she would never let herself to do it.
  6. She isn’t ready to be with you when it’s a hard time and doesn’t want to solve problems together. She needs you only when everything is great with you again. When you dealt with everything, your career’s taking off, you repaired your car, she read about your new amazing project in news and there’s another beautiful woman near you. She’s trying to reach you, to explain that she was wrong and now she understands everything and wants you to forgive her and be her man again. Dear men, betraying once, she will betray you again.
  7. She lies to you and she does it professionally. For example, she rejects the meeting on the one more weekend, because “she needs to finish a project on the work or spend the whole weekend with her parents”. But you’re like a spy, so you investigated that she wonderfully spent this time in one of the most popular places in the city. And then you can find that it wasn’t what did you think about, because “Masha broke with her boyfriend and we came to save her”. So, she can cancel her work and visit her parents for Masha. And for you?... As we can see, she can’t.
Dear men, don’t be upset if your girlfriend "isn’t the one you have dreamed about". Believe us, if she loves you, you won’t have any doubts, and you’ll never ask yourself: “does she loves or uses me?”. If she loves you, you will be the best, the strongest and the smartest man for her in the world. So she would never think about anyone else. The one who loves you tries to spend as much time as possible with you, adore your success and your actions, she is always near you and is ready to support you when you have problems, she inspires you and tries to find a compromise, she cares about your relationship and respects your parents. You trust her, and she trusts you. We can say it surely because we know what real love, faithful and respect are.

Dear men, we would like to help you to find the only one beloved East-European woman. Our Happy Life matchmaking service offers individual service in the dating area for successful people, who are eager to build a strong relationship and create a family. There are smart, beautiful, educated and sincere ladies in our database. We would be happy to introduce you to each other.

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