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The female beauty from the men’s point of view

You can look at a beautiful woman as long as at fire or water. Female beauty – is the eternal subject of admiration and inspiration. Why do we men say that women are beautiful? What are the female beauty standards?
Why does the female beauty affect men so strong? The scientists from the University of Michigan described this fact from the scientific point of view! What is female beauty for men? Why do female beauty standards are so important? 

Long and slim legs, smooth and graceful body lines, eye-catching bust under the clothes, big eyes with long eyelashes, think and slightly curly hair was created to knock the men dead. The ancient truth that men love with their eyes is an axiom that doesn’t have to be proved. That is the female beauty from the men’s point of view. 
What makes up men’s perception of beauty? And who set these female beauty standards? What keeps men’s attention first, when a man looks at a woman? Face – breasts – hip – legs. He evaluates her from the top to bottom, unlike a woman, who evaluate a man from bottom to top. But let’s stop talking about a face. Face features are perceived individually. There is no pattern of female beauty. The attractiveness and non-attractiveness depend on a man’s personal taste of beauty.

Sometimes a cute face is not the most important evaluation factor. Breasts and hip are the most important factors! That’s how a man instinctively chooses a healthy female human who can be a nursing mother for his future children and who won’t have a lack of milk even if she gives born to triplets. Big hips, more accurately, the wide pelvis is the sign that childbirth will be proceeding without troubles even if she gives birth every day for 20 years.

Small breasts and narrow pelvis reduces the chances for a woman to bear healthy children. “Thin and flexible waist what is also attractive in a woman is the complexation of the wide pelvis for the flexibility of the whole body”.
In the middle ages, the corsets were fashionable and women used it to achieve the effect of a “wasp waist” and also women broke their two lower ribs. Then the female beauty required sacrifice. “The anatomical flair inherent in us by nature works on a subtle level.

Unconsciously, we can immediately distinguish and perceive the features opposite for different sexes as beauty, but we are never mistaken. Bulging and sculpted muscles look good for a man, but we don’t consider this as a virtue for a woman. Why?
The thing is that a well-built healthy woman always has a bigger fat layer than a man. It must be a monthly reserve of food in case of sudden hunger while she is carrying or feeding a child.
That’s interesting that these subcutaneous food supplies are located in the lower abdomen and the area around the pelvis - so this backup power supply serves both thermal and shockproof insulation for a child worn in the womb. At the same time, the subcutaneous layer makes soft body lines for a woman. "At the same time, a flat and strong belly attracts men. It is a clear sign that a woman is not pregnant and, therefore, she is open to a relationship with an admirer.

Let’s talk about legs. It is known that slim and long woman legs look better than the short ones. "Women with short legs are not so attractive, but high-heeled shoes can save them and help to visually hide this shortcoming. But tall ladies also look much more impressive, being on heels. What is the point of lengthening the legs? It’s not just lengthening, but it’s a change of the proportions of the legs – here is the point of the high-heeled shoes. The lower leg is extended and becomes much longer than the thigh. This ratio of the lower leg to the thigh is an adaptation to easy, fast and long-running. And as a result, to a successful hunt.
We reviewed the main parts of the female body that attract particular attention from the men’s point of view… and those are defined by the concept of female beauty. Though we should pay attention to the little thing those multiply female beauty: hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. Many men can agree with the fact that the thick, long and slightly curly hair are the most attractive and that many men (though not all of them) prefer blonde girls.

Why do most men like long-haired women? Though waist-long and thick braids, what village beauties wore a long time ago are no longer a fashionable trend nowadays. It’s pretty difficult to meet a woman with such long hair. It can be explained by the difficulty and tenacity of the haircare in the modern rhythm of metropolis life.
The attractiveness of long hair is already a dying aesthetic perception, that is leaving because a human has been using clothes to keep warm for several millennia. Long hair was fixed in our sense of beauty when humans hadn’t invented the clothes. The ability to protect a child from the night cold near a woman’s breast and to protect him from the bad weather – here is the real point of long hair and the meaning of ​choosing it as a criterion of the best mother. Long hair gives a woman a certain charm and attraction and short haircut tells us about the more serious attitude to life.

A cliché like “Gentlemen prefer blondies” also has its own logical explanation. Yes, they are preferred by the vast majority of men. The mystery of the attractiveness of blondies lies in their rarity, so they stand out among the dark-haired mass of people. The passion for blondies is caused by the same unconscious choice of a healthy partner. Light hair color is caused by an increased amount of estrogen what is female sex hormones, it is also responsible for the blush on the cheeks - a sign of health, so men can feel it right away.
And what is the point of the charms of narrow and thick eyebrows and long bent up eyelashes? The purpose of eyebrows is to divert the sweat draining from the forehead and not to let it fill the eyes, so they should be thick. At the same time, they should be not too wide so that dirt and dust don’t accumulate in them, as well as parasites. And cute long eyelashes can better protect the eye. If they are bent up so they seem more elegant - this feeling is correct since the bent up tips don’t allow the eyelashes to stick together or to freeze.

Big eyes are considered attractive by almost all nationalities. Makeup can visually enlarge the eyes and give the effect of a childish facial expression. If the eyes look larger than the lower part of the face, such expression causes in a man an instinctive desire to protect this woman. Moreover, men prefer blue eyes. At the same time, men consider women with natural makeup to be more attractive than those who wear too much makeup.
However, if a woman does not have one or more of the qualities listed in the article, she does not have to despair. After all, it’s pretty easy to fix this or that drawback with the current level of civil evolution.

In fact, everything is much more complicated and inexplicable. After all, human feelings are stronger than natural selection. But you must admit that some of the arguments made you think about it. In any case, we should be grateful to nature for it’s the most unique creation – for a woman! For so different and beautiful women!

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