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Features of a real man. What should a real man be like?

The story about women being from Venus and men from Mars is as old as time. Everyone knows and admits the fact that men and women function differently. This is why every woman dream about meeting “the real man” while every man is hunting a ghost dream of meeting “the real woman”.

Our article will reveal the features of a real man that every woman is looking for and what, in her opinion, a real man should be like to earn her love and trust.

During our daily professional activity, Happy Life marriage agency communicates with lots of successful and attractive men and women who are too busy to find enough time for looking for a partner and often waste their energy on “pointless” dates with “wrong” people. However, our Clients have a clear image of a perfect man or woman they want to have by their side.

This article will focus on a man: a real man our charming Ladies are looking for as a life partner. Every woman highlights five basic features of a real man.

So, what should a real man be like to make a good couple to a successful, beautiful and smart woman? What is a woman looking to establish a serious long-term relationship with a man?

First of all, what any woman is looking for in a man is the feeling of PROTECTION and SAFETY. Women may have a different notion of feeling secure: some of them associate it with men’s physical strength, so they pay attention to muscled and sturdy men who can fight. Some feel protected by the side of an intelligent man, as they know that such man can always find a creative way out of any situation and therefore can protect her from any external factors. For other women, man’s financial freedom and independence is a key factor of life partner choice.


As we can see, all those features of a real man are based on a single vitally important woman’s need that has not changed over past millenniums – the need to feel safe. If a woman feels stable and secure, it means she has a real man beside her!




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