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Does the boyfriend love or use you...? How to understand a boyfriend take an advantage of you?

Does the boyfriend love or take an advantage of you...? How to understand a boyfriend take an advantage of you?​

In the previous article, we told you about the main signs that a man has serious intentions and he is ready to marry a woman. They work perfectly.
In this article, we will tell you about the most noticeable signs that a man unconsciously sends to a woman he DOESN’T want to marry. He doesn’t have serious intentions towards her and isn’t ready to marry her.
Then a woman feels that something is wrong with their relationships... and ask herself a question: “Does the boyfriend love or take an advantage of me?”
Over the years of professional activity as the specialists of the matchmaking agency 'Happy life” we can surely claim that there is a 99% chance of these statements to be true and confirmed by our personal experience, feedbacks by the men, so as a result, these statements are statistical.
So what boyfriend’s actions tell that he doesn’t love you, but just take an advantage of you to reach his own comfort:

It's obvious that he isn’t going to do it anyway. This conversation at the distance without obligations is too comfortable for him.
The options when a man “invites” a woman, saying: “come to me!” humiliates a woman and equates her status to a status of a “call girl”. We don’t take into account the cases when a man physically can't leave his city due to different reasons, and that's why he invites a woman. In this case the serious purposes of a man are confirmed with his actions: he buys tickets for a woman to a comfortable flight for a woman at a comfortable time for her, he books a hotel room for her or prepare a separated room for her, prepares a detailed plan of their free time together and so on.

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