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Be Positive

Seeing life as a glass half full is received much better by the opposite sex then a glass half empty or a jaded, pessimistic view. If you tell your date that you are depressed about people or that life is unfair, your date may give you sympathy but not admiration, respect or love. If you want to create the right atmosphere with your date or partner, like love, admiration, respect, your story should be presented accordingly. You can tell your life story in 3 ways - as a negative (story of failures due to absence of luck or mistreatment), neutral (story or sequence of events that happened to you) or a positive (a story of struggles and victories, lessons learned, being grateful to people for help and lessons). Choose your story wisely, according to the feeling you want to create with your date. Positive stories are always received well. Positive people attract love and friends. People sticking with negative stories are usually lonely. 


Are you a positive person? Do you tell the story about your ex in a negative way, how she/he mistreated you? Do you tell the same story in a neutral way, is it difficult for you? Do you tell the same story in a positive way, remembering good things, lessons learned? 

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