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Slavic women in reality? Who they are?

Slavic women (Eastern European women) – who are they in reality? Why do so many men around the world dream about getting married to them? Men are looking for their Slavic Ukrainian soulmates. What are the uniqueness and the mystery of aUkrainian soul that attract so many interests?

Today, we’ll answer some of these questions and explain some stereotypes about Slavic women. Which one is a myth and which one is the truth?

So let’s get started…. The first and most popular significant feature about Slavic Eastern European women – is their natural beauty.

The natural beauty of Slavic women

Really, Eastern Europe is huge.  Each republic has its own traditions, cultures, and nationalities. Hence, many Slavic is a mix, which creates incredible appearances. The climatic conditions contribute to the dissemination of bright appearances as well. In Medieval times, Russia did not have the experience of the Inquisition, where thousands of beautiful women were exterminated on charges of witchcraft.

In addition to their natural beauty, Slavic women are very feminine. This core value was cultivated from birth by the mother to their daughters. Slavic women like to wear fashionable clothes. Fashion is very important to them. Slavic women like to choose quality clothes and are ready to spend a lot of money on the purchase. It can be surprising and not understandable for some people but Ukrainian ladies spend 40-60 % of their budget on clothes, cosmetics, shoes, and bags!  Makeup is an integral part of their daily care.

Based on the above, Ukraine is full of very beautiful women. This creates a competitive environment among women. Each lady tries to be better than the others. Furthermore, good looking young lady – is a sign of self-realization and success in society. The combination of career, marriage, motherhood and good looking is admired by all Eastern European women. Ukrainian women always respect women, who are able to be ideal in all areas of life. This is the mentality of Slavic women.  Most of them are grown up with the mindset that a real woman has to be attractive to her beloved man and be sexually attractive for many years.

The shortage of men in Ukraine

A huge number of Ukrainian men was lost during World War 2. As a result, the ratio of men to women is disproportionate. Ukraine has many more women than men. Having such a great number of very beautiful women, Ukrainian men are very spoiled. They increase their requirements for women more and more.  Family-oriented Eastern European women are adjusted to the heightened requirements to achieve the main goal i.e. creating the family. However, at the same time, Ukrainian women also become more successful in a career than men.  They don’t want to be tolerant of the overly high expectation of Ukrainian men without any corresponding respect and care from these men. Because many men are spoiled and aren’t willing to equally care for their women, many women in Ukraine choose to be single rather than be married to men, who aren’t able to appreciate their spouses. On the other hand, Orthodox Christianity has a strong influence on Slavic tradition and mindset.  Family and motherhood are paramount for 99% of Slavic ladies. So, self-sacrifice, family-oriented mindsets, etc. are deeply engraved in the core values of these Slavic women. As a result, many Slavic women try to save an unhappy marriage.

The incredible and unique heart of Ukrainian women. Family relationship.

Probably, only Slavic women have an incredible ability to love wholeheartedly! When she loves, she is ready to give away everything she owns. Slavic women are careful regarding relationships in the family. The Slavic traditions are supposed to be caring about the husband, children, and parents. The mentality of an Eastern European woman is: to keep the home organized, make delicious dinner, maintain a beautiful appearance, and have a successful career.  This is the minimum requirement for her harmony and happiness.

Returning back to Orthodox Christian traditions: loyalty is critical.  Following the husband and letting him be the leader in the family. The Ukrainian wife admires his courageous actions.  She helps and inspires him to achieve his goals. At home, she focuses on the creation of a cozy home and the education of children. Without further saying, a Slavic wife, or woman from Eastern Europe – is one of the best kinds of women for a man, who is looking for a traditional family.

Education and cultural heritage of Slavic women

As known, Ukraine has a strong school education system for children starting from 6 until 16 years old. The school education system is based on fundamental principles. Soviet education focuses on a variety of topics such as world history, Russian classics, science, mathematics, philosophy, art, etc. 54% of Slavic women have a university education.

Because of the specific economic and social conditions in CIS countries, women have developed a strong-willed and hardworking character. Many women raise their children on their own. Despite the strong character, Slavic women remain tender and lovely and dream of meeting a man whom she will respect and care for. Slavic women are very grateful and thankful when men are able to be responsible and caring persons. For this reason, many Eastern European women choose to get married to foreigners. Western men e.g. Americans dream of finding the right Slavic bride!!!

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Sincerely, Marina Leung and Elena Grande

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