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Be charming

Very often people focus too much on whether their date is good enough for them and forget to put an effort into being charming themselves. Remembering being charming at all times is important if you want to create and maintain a passion and energy for love in your life. 

Some of our clients say 'I will only be charming with a person I actually like and want to attract'. That's a wrong attitude if you are in search of love. What if the person you just had a date with and decided not to be charming with has an amazing friend? This person could have introduced you to her/his fiend if she/he found you charming and lovable. But since you did not come across as such you would most likely miss out on an introduction to the potential 'love of your life'. This is what some people call the 'ripple effect'. If you put an effort into being charming with every person you interact with then it eventually becomes an effortless habit. You will notice that your 'charm ripples' will attract higher quality people into your life and lots of love and pleasant experiences. 


Being charming means: dressing well, being clean and fresh, making sure you smell nice, always smiling, being interested in the other person, asking questions, telling things about yourself that you are proud of and that are true, being funny, being respectful, being kind, being grateful, being flirtatious. 

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