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“How to remarry if you have a child?” Article for women

Women, who have failed relationships in the past, often ask themselves:
“How to remarry if you have a child?” Every person wants to be happy and tries to find their own happiness in different circumstances.
Working in the matchmaking field, professional experts on interpersonal and international communications Marina Slinkina Leung and Elena Grande can certainly say you: “Yes, remarriage and kids can exist together! It’s realistic to remarry if you have a child or even several children”. Though despite our optimistic point of view, there are still some differences a woman can’t ignore in the process of searching your life partner if she has children from the first marriage. We will tell you about it in this article.
What fears are haunting a man when he dates a woman with a child and so on – that’s what you can get from our article “Why some men don’t want to marry a woman with children?”
So what should a woman pay attention to when she wants to remarry, having a child?

-    To realistically assess the chances of marriage, you can read about it in another article. Properly perceive reality. In case if you have any limiting beliefs (such as lack of self-confidence, body complex, image complex, body shape complex) don’t try to ignore it and act as if it doesn’t exist. Get a grip and start to work on yourself (lose your weight, take care of your teeth, visit a beautician or take care of your skin yourself, upgrade your look, do hair care, visit a psychologist to get rid of your fears and complexes).

- To be ready that you’re your future beloved one can have children from his previous marriages. Maybe more than one, two or even three kids. In this case, a man would be more comfortable to marry a woman with children and be more understanding, because he has a similar experience.

- To consider an option to marry a man with an average salary, not only wealthy and rich men. Experience has shown, that a man who can take responsibility for a woman and her child, usually are with middle income. Meanwhile, a man with the understanding that he has a wife and a child, gets additional motivation for growth and getting more money for his family. And getting into account that the clients of matchmaking agencies are usually well-to-do men, who stand on their own two feet, we can say that chances of a woman to get married are escalating exponentially. To be blunt, young and handsome millionaires, who win everything that wants in life, are not usually ready to sacrifice their freedom, pleasures and regular trips to be a settled family-man with “already-made” children. More often (though there are always exceptions, we can say clearly that we have had different situations in our practice) young, handsome and wealthy men have a big choice of young and beautiful women, who weren’t married and haven’t a child.

- To be wise, patient and very caring for a man, who shows his interest and expresses a serious intention to create a new family and become a father for the woman’s children. In this case, the role of a “Snow Queen”, who is waiting for adoration and endless courtship by a man to leniently notice a man, won’t bring you’re the desirable result. Every man, especially smart and successful men, knows that a chance to build a relationship without any additional problem is higher than a chance to build a relationship with a woman with experience, so a cold and indifferent behavior of a woman who was interesting for him, will pour cold water on him. Believe us, a man would easily find his happiness with another woman as beautiful as you, but at the same time warm, hearty and carrying woman. And this woman can also be a mother of three children!

- To be able to build relationships with your children in a positive way. To be an authority figure for them and to create comfortable conditions for a man to interact in a new family. It requires to make great efforts to maintain the neutrality between a child and beloved one, without letting any part of the relationships to take advantages. It’s possible if a woman masterfully builds a relationship with a man, showing him her authority and willingness to work together on the child-raising. It’s important for a woman to be a soulmate with her man and maintain the same line of conduct in the upbringing of the child. And to give a child a needed amount of love and attention to prevent the appearance of a sense of jealousy and abandonment because of the new position in the family. It’s not superfluous to say a child eye-to-eye: “You are the best, the only one and most loved person on the Earth for me”, “Anyway you’re the most important for me, you are the number one in my life”. Any woman has natural wisdom, softness, and cunning that help her to build relationships between people. In this case, it’s required as for woman herself and her personal happiness, as for her child and as for a man, who decided to live his life with her.

It’s important to understand, that a woman is valuable herIt’s important to understand, that a woman is valuable herself, no matter if she had romantic relationships in the past and got the lovechild because of it or not. But it’s obvious that not every man has the ability to take more responsibility, make more efforts and use more resources to become a part of a family with a child. But anyway, there is a lot of people like that! The most important is to able to “notice” him and not to throw away your shot, chasing an imagine prince, who will fall in love with a woman’s external beauty from the first sight.

The modern life is more pragmatic, so that’s why, being an adult and marrying a woman, any man, taking an important decision to create a family with a woman with a child considers all the pros and cons, measures his capabilities. It’s important for him to understand how can his life be changed in this case. Any man dreams that the appearance of a woman in his life will make it more colorful.  That’s what a wise woman can do, no matter if she has children or not. A man would never resist a woman, who gives him warmth, comfort, and happiness!
We wish you to be wise, patient and positive, dear Ladies. And your man will suddenly appear in your life, we know it for sure! Read the real love story of a woman, who was remarried, having a child.

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