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Be Open Minded

When you are going on a first date, try to embrace what life brings, rather then expecting your criteria to match.

The reason why it is important, is that if you are open minded then you most likely are going to be surprised when learning something you did not expect about a person you are meeting. If you have high expectations then you will be focusing on your list of requirements and you will miss something about the person that could be more valuable then any parameters in your criteria. 

Trust that every person is unique. We learn f...
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Be Positive

Seeing life as a glass half full is received much better by the opposite sex then a glass half empty or a jaded, pessimistic view. If you tell your date that you are depressed about people or that life is unfair, your date may give you sympathy but not admiration, respect or love. If you want to create the right atmosphere with your date or partner, like love, admiration, respect, your story should be presented accordingly. You can tell your life story in 3 ways - as a negative (story of failures due to absence of luck or mistreatment), neutral (story or sequence of events that happened to ...

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Be charming

Very often people focus too much on whether their date is good enough for them and forget to put an effort into being charming themselves. Remembering being charming at all times is important if you want to create and maintain a passion and energy for love in your life. 

Some of our clients say 'I will only be charming with a person I actually like and want to attract'. That's a wrong attitude if you are in search of love. What if the person you just had a date with and decided not to be charming with has an amazing friend? This person could have introduced you to her/hi...

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Be kind

If your date is running late, if she/he is a bit nervous, if she/he is not 100% what you expected, PLEASE do not be harsh with your judgments.
Think for a moment: how do you want people to see you? Do you want to come off as 'harsh and judgmental'? or 'kind and forgiving'? Human kindness is something we know about but don't always exercise. 
Showing kindness to a stranger or someone you know is not easy if you are not used to it. You have to make a constant effort in treating all people, especially your dates, with kindness no matter the situation. This will insure that t...

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