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How can you understand if your girlfriend loves or uses you?

We have heard a lot of times from familiar and unfamiliar successful men, who consulted with us, this phrase: “I think, she uses me, she needn’t me, and she need only my money/ contacts / sex / etc.”. Men ask themselves about it, so we, Elena Grande and Marina Leung, experts of international matchmaking agency Happy Life will try to help you to understand does  your girlfriend loves or uses you.
  1. She doesn’t ask you about how was your day/important meeting/f...
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Topics and questions you should not talk about on the first date.

What you shouldn’t talk about in order not to spoil the first impression on your first date? Specialists from the marriage agency Happy Life help you to understand how to communicate successfully with girl on the first date. There is various different topics and question you should not talk about on the first date. These questions can spoil the first impression and some of them can even hurt or insult the woman.

So, Which ...
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What should you talk about with a girl on the first date?

What should you talk about with a girl on the first date? What to do on the first date? Which question should you ask on the first date? What should you talk about with a girl on the first date?
What to do on the first date? We will tell you about it in this article. Experts from the matchmaking  agency Happy Life meet a lot of pairs, and they get feedback from men and women. Thanks to it, you can use ...
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Relationship between man and woman. Etiquette

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we decided to affect an important and crucial topic. It’s called to remind you about etiquette in man and woman’s relationship, or it can be even an important lesson for you.Unfortunately, informal communication between men and women places such a crucial thing as etiquette in the background. It isn’t a secret that women prefer “wooing” by the real gentlemen – strong, well-mann...
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Where you can meet a girlfriend?

Many successful single men often ask themselves: where to meet a girlfriend in a big city that is beautiful, smart and ready for a serious relationship? And how to get to know her?

Where to meet a girlfriend who would comply with your preferences? If you are one of those men who are in active search, you are in the right place. So, let’s start off a r...

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